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Using Mobile Learn

Use the Mobile Learn app to access Prime with your tablet or smartphone

Blackboard Mobile LearnDo you have a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet? If so, you can use the Mobile Learn application released by Blackboard, the company that supports the software that we use for Prime. Use this app to:

  • Access files posted on the Lessons/Content page
  • Read and reply to Discussion Forum postings
  • Read Announcements
  • View your Grades

Click the link below to watch a brief video overview on logging in, navigation and use.

Using Mobile Learn with Prime: Basic Information

Then, if you think that the Mobile Learn app can work for you, download it and install it on your mobile device from either Apple's App Store (for iPad, iPhone or iPod) or from Google Play (for Android devices) and get started using it with Prime!

What devices can I use with the Mobile Learn app?

  • Apple iOS devices such as iPad and iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy tablets and smartphone
  • Mobile Learn is not currently licensed for our use on mobile devices using other operating systems such as Blackberry, Windows 8 or WebOS.

Do I have to pay for the Mobile Learn app?

  • No. It is covered under the SUNY-wide contract with Blackboard.

Is every course and group accessible using Mobile Learn?

  • Almost all courses and groups on Prime can be accessed using this device. If a course site has been highly customized or has a large number of content objects, however, it may not load successfully in the application. Currently the "Foundations 1" course that is used by first year medical students cannot be accessed at this time.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Mobile Learn?

  • Yes. Mobile Learn does not work 'offline'. You won't be able to use any features unless your tablet or smartphone is actively connected.

How can I get assistance with using Mobile Learn?

  • Use the Help feature on the application's home page on your device.
  • Send an email to
  • Drop by the Answer Desk for live one-on-one help during scheduled assistance hours. It is located in the Medical Library Commons, just past the circulation desk. Hours are Monday through Friday, noon–1 and 4–5 pm.
  • Send an email to with your full name and brief question/description of the problem.