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Random temporary authentication failure for Prime or Banner

Students & faculty who have already been using campus systems for some time may experience a rare occasional login failure.   This happens when they try to access systems such as Prime and Banner that check your authentication against email.  In these cases, the users can log into email but not into the other systems.

  1. It is rare - only occurs in about 0.003% of login attempts
  2. It is random - we may go days or even weeks without a reported instance.  It only affects about 1 - 3 users when it happens; does not affect the same person again.
  3. It is temporary - the problem resolves itself in about 15 to 45 minutes.   

If you can afford to wait an hour, please do so and then try it again.

If you cannot wait (for example, you are trying to take a test), please contact the Academic Computing and Technology Office:

  • Phone:  718-270-7416
  • Email:
  • Office: HSEB E6-008