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Creating extended time for exams in Prime

First, you’ll need to add an Environmental Variable that turns on extra settings for Teams.  It need only be added once for a given course.

  1. Click on a course, then Manage tab.
  2. Click on Environmental Variables, then choose Add a Variable.
  3. Variable Name:  TEAMACCESS_DISPLAY
  4. Variable Value:  2

Next, you’ll use two Teams to handle the different settings that need to be applied.

  1. Save the new variable, then go to the Manage tab and choose Teams.
  2. Create a special Team and enroll the student(s) who need extended time. Be sure to make it a Hidden team to protect student privacy. 
  3. You should also use a second Team that has all students.  Usually the Students default team has everyone.  It’s okay to have accommodation students in that default Students team.  Their special team will override the default settings for other teams.)
  4. Now go to the exam’s Settings >> Access tab, then choose Selected Teams.
  5. Check off the special team with the accommodation students as well as the general Students team with all students.
  6. Note that the team names are now clickable underlined links.  Click on the special Team for the accommodation student’s team name.  A pop-up appears.  
  7. Check off the proper item to override. (Usually that’s the Advanced Settings > Time box)
    1. Start Delivery Date  (if they are starting early)
    2. Stop Delivery Date (if they are getting extra time, they may run over your default Stop Access date/time).
    3. Advanced Settings, then Time Limit.
      1. Enter the number of minutes in the Time text box that the student should have.  For instance, if the exam is 60 minutes for others but this student receives `1.5 time allocation (“time and a half”), enter 90 minutes.

That’s all it takes.  The Override Settings that you configured on the special Team’s will override the regular settings in the exam itself.