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Your NetID (network) Username and Password

Your NetID (Network) Account, Username and Password

Your Username and Password

Most systems use your NetID (network) account to authenticate your login.

  • For most systems, your username is your nine-digit Downstate student ID number (SID), e.g., 201598765.
  • For email, use your Downstate email address as your username, e.g.,
  • Your original NetID password is an eight-character randomized mix of upper case letters, lower-case letters and numbers.

You received your account information in an email from Student Admissions prior to your arrival on campus.

Learn more about NetID

Changing your password

You can change your NetID password after logging into your O365 email:

  • Click on your name at upper-right.
  • Choose View Account and reenter your password.
  • Choose Security and Privacy in the left-side menu
  • Select Change Password.

If you have trouble logging into systems, please contact the Help Desk:

Phone: (718) 270-HELP (4357)