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Office 365: Using Apple Mail with Office 365

Using Your Office 365 Account with macOS

Your Downstate-issued Microsoft Office 365 account is able to integrate seamlessly with the Macintosh operating system. Doing so will automatically configure your Apple Mail application, calendar and contacts list.

Please note:  using the Apple Mail application with Office 365 requires MacOS 10.10 or newer.


  • Click on the Apple Menu at the top-left of your screen and select System Preferences
    System Preferences
  • Select the Internet Accounts preference pane.
    Internet Accounts Preference Pane
  • Select the Exchange button.
  • Enter your Office 365 account information and click the Sign In button.
    Account Info
  • Select the macOS applications you wish to configure.
  • Click the Details button and enter a description. This can be anything you wish. Click OK. You may now close the System Preferences panel.