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Panopto lecture capture/digital media system

Learn how to get started with Panopto, our institutional lecture capture system.

Lecture Capture Assistants

Lecture Capture Assistants are students who undergo training in the setup of Panopto in order to provide live assistance and technical support to lecturers. They provide an invaluable role in the post-processing and maintenance of the recorded lectures.

Panopto Setup Checklist


Things to check BEFORE the lecture

  1. Make sure the USB adapter for the tracker microphone to has not been unplugged.

  2. Ensure the correct microphone (ATR2USB) is selected as the sound source in Panopto

  3. Make sure the microphone levels are high enough

  4. Select the correct folder for the lecture

  5. Title the session with the exact lecture title

  6. Make sure the webcam is off unless requested by the presenter

  7. Click the Record button

Things to check AFTER the lecture

  1. Stop the recording

  2. Check that the recording successfully uploaded to the remote Panopto server

  3. If necessary, trim the beginning and/or end of the lecture

  4. Cut-and-paste the disclaimer text into the description field

  5. Approve the lecture