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Panopto lecture capture/digital media system

Learn how to get started with Panopto, our institutional lecture capture system.

About Panopto

Panopto is a lecture capture/streaming media system. Presentations can be recorded for later playback, streamed "Live" to/from remote locations.

Panopto recordings can be played across a variety of operating systems and mobile devices.  

Demonstration of Panopto
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Download Panopto

You already have access to Panopto recordings and to the Panopto Recorder installers through your Prime courses.  Click on the Resources tab in your course and locate the Panopto Recordings box at upper right.  A list of any course lecture recordings will be displayed in the box.  If you are a faculty member, you can download the WIndows or Mac installer for Panopto Recorder from links at the bottom of the box.  Install the software on your own laptop/computer and use the QuickStart instructions posted elsewhere in this Panopto section to get started!

More instructions and live technical support can be found at Panopto's Help site:

You can also get assistance from Academic Computing and Technology Office:

Phone: 718-270-7416