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Panopto lecture capture/digital media system

Learn how to get started with Panopto, our institutional lecture capture system.

Panopto Quick-Start for Windows

Open the green Panopto Recorder icon on the desktop. 

Panopto Recorder

Click the Login with Prime Login button.

Panopto for Windows Login

Log in with your Prime account username and password. Note: If you are using a public terminal, we strongly recommend leaving the Remember Me option unchecked.

Prime Login to Panopto

The Panopto Recorder software interface appears. Check the Primary Source at left to make sure you have selected the microphone and that it is working. You will know it is working because solid green bars will appear and disappear as you speak.

Panopto Recorder for Windows Interface

Drop down the list of course Folders by clicking on the black triangle at upper-right and choose your course from the Folders list.  Then click on New Session button at far-right.

Panopto Recorder for Windows Folders

Click on the Record button at upper left to begin. A Stop and Pause button pair will appear. Then go to your Powerpoint and present your lecture as usual. Note: Don’t forget to return to the Panopto Recorder afterward to click on “Stop” and end your recording!

Don't forget to stop your lecture when done

Once you stop the recording, it will be automatically uploaded and processed. A link to play the recording will then appear in your Prime course, in the “Panopto” box under the Resources tab.

Panopto Quick-Start for Macintosh

Login to Panopto

Launch the green Panopto Recorder icon on the desktop.

Panopto Recorder for Mac

After clicking on the icon, a dialog box will appear. If the Server field is empty, enter

Panopto Recorder for Mac login window

Click the Get Providers for Server button. The drop-down menu will become populated with two options: Panopto and Prime. Chose the Prime login option, then fill in your Prime account username and password. Click the Log On button. Note: If you are using a public terminal, we strongly recommend leaving the Save Login and Password option unchecked.

Prime login for Panopto Recorder for Mac

Create a Recording

Click the Create New Recording button.

Create New Recording

Another dialog box will appear. Select your course from the Folder drop-down menu.

In the Session field, enter the title of your lecture. Note: This can be updated after the recording session.

Start Recording

Configure your session

Select the appropriate program you are using to display your Slides, either Powerpoint or Keynote.

Recommended: Check the Record Screen Capture to create a movie of everything on screen. This option is essential if you are displaying movies or websites.

Select an Audio Source from the drop-down menu. Make sure you can see the Levels meter moving.

If the host computer has a webcam, you can include a Video Source if desired.

Click on the Start Recording button to begin, then open and display your Powerpoint presentation as usual. 

DON’T FORGET to return to this software to end your recording after you are done with your lecture!