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Prime for Residents

Prime for Residents

To access your Residency Program on Prime, please follow these specific instructions:

Logging in to Prime

  • Open any web browser and navigate to the Downstate home page (
  • Click on the myDownstate link at the top of the page.
  • Log into Prime. Your username is in the format firstname.lastname 
    • ‚Äčall lowercase letters
    • no capitals or spaces
    • a period between your first and last name
  • Use the same password that you currently use to log into your Downstate email.

Can't log in to Prime?

  • Test your username and password by trying to log into your Downstate email account ( If you can't log into your Downstate email with that combination, you won't be able to log into Prime, either. Contact the Help Desk at (718) 270-4357 to get the underlying issue fixed.
  • If you can login to email with that combination of username and password but can't log into Prime, or if you can log into Prime but can't access your Residency Program site, contact Academic and Library Computing: