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Using Your Microsoft 365 Account with macOS

Learn how to configure your Mac to seamlessly integrate your Office 365 account with your Macintosh.

Using Your Microsoft 365 Account with macOS

Your Downstate-issued Microsoft 365 account is able to integrate seamlessly with the Macintosh operating system. Doing so will automatically configure your Apple Mail application, calendar and contacts list.


  • Click on the Apple Menu at the top-left of your screen and select System Preferences
    System Preferences
  • Select the Internet Accounts preference pane.
    Internet Accounts Preference Pane
  • Select the Exchange button.
  • Enter your Office 365 account information and click the Sign In button.
    Account Info
  • Select the macOS applications you wish to configure.
  • Click the Details button and enter a description. This can be anything you wish. Click OK. You may now close the System Preferences panel.