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Blackboard Learn

Some key information and links for faculty starting to use Blackboard Learn


Understanding courses and enrollment:


Course sites and enrollments in Blackboard (Bb) Learn are created by daily automation that runs 3x / day (7 am, noon, 6 pm).  Data in the Banner student information system is used to create courses and enrollments. 

Course creation for a given semester begins shortly after the start of the preceding semester.  Students who register for a course will see the course appear in their Bb Learn page after the next scheduled run of automation.  For example, registering for a course after 6:30 pm means it will not appear until 7:30 am the following day.

To create a course and enroll faculty:

The degree program chair / director or administrator must send a request to the Registrar's Office with the course subject code, number, title and the full name of the principal and secondary instructors. 

Students: Read this important information!

  1. Preview Week: Students will see an upcoming course listed but will not be able to enter a course until Preview Week begins.  Courses are made available for entry one week before the start of classes.
  2. Frequency:  Batch enrollment is automatically updated three times a day (7am, noon, 6 pm).  Any changes in Banner (add/drop) will be reflected during the next scheduled enrollment update.
  3. Holds: Holds in Banner will prevent your enrollment until they are cleared.
  4. For legal reasons, Downstate faculty and staff can not manually enroll students into course sites.

Faculty/Staff: Read this important information!

  1. Primary/Secondary Instructors are assigned in Banner: The principal / secondary instructors are instructors whose teaching hours are sufficient to qualify for full credit or half-credit in teaching the course.  Principal / secondary instructors are assigned to the course in Banner by the Registrar.   If the instructor(s) assigned to this course change, send that updated assignment to the Registar's Office.  They will make the change in Banner and it will be processed in Blackboard Learn.
  2. Adding other instructor:  Primary/secondary faculty have the ability and the responsibility to add other instructors to their course in Bb Learn.  Instructions on that are available here.


JMN edited 7/27/2020