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Blackboard Learn

Some key information and links for faculty starting to use Blackboard Learn

Faculty/staff enrollment into Bb Learn courses or organizations

WATCH: How to enroll other faculty into your course.

  • Primary and Secondary Instructors assigned to a course in Banner are automatically enrolled into that course site in Blackboard (Bb) Learn
    • Automation runs several times daily.
    • Email the Registrar's Office ( to add or remove core faculty.
  • Principal instructors are responsible for enrolling other faculty into their course.
    • Any faculty or staff member with full editing rights in a course/organization can now add other faculty to their course or organization.  
    • Automation adds students based on their registration inside Banner.  Tell students with course enrollment problems to send a request to
  • Watch this brief how-to video (5.5 minutes; includes guidance on avoiding common errors).
  • Download these step-by-step instructions.
  • Any issues blocking a student’s enrollment must be addressed by Student Affairs and the ACT Office. 

Before You Begin 

You must already be enrolled into the course/organization with instructor / leader rights before you can add other users.

  • You cannot delete other enrollees from a course or an organization.
  • You can change another enrollee’s Role (in order to raise or lower his or her rights in the course/organization).  Use a “Student” / “Participant” role if they do not need editing or grading rights.