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Blackboard Learn

Some key information and links for faculty starting to use Blackboard Learn

Enrolling other faculty/staff into your course or organization

There are two methods to add instructors/leaders, depending upon their role in your course/organization.

PRINCIPAL/SECONDARY INSTRUCTORS: Add them in Banner.  Automation enrolls "core" (principal and secondary) course faculty into course sites in Bb Learn based on their assignment to courses in Banner.  Core faculty need to be assigned in Banner in order to view rosters, enter grades and to get credit for teaching in annual reporting.  Email the Registrar's Office ( to add or remove core faculty.

OTHER INSTRUCTORS:  Principal instructors can add them.  Some course faculty are not "principal" instructors but may still need access to the Bb Learn course site.  Principal instructors should add these other faculty to their course.  Any faculty or staff member with full editing rights in a course/organization can now add other faculty to their course or organization.  

  • Download these step-by-step instructions.
  • Go to Users/Groups; select Users.  Click on the "Enroll" button at upper left; choose "Find users to enroll".
  • Use the Browse button to Search for people by first name or last name. 
  • Be sure to click on the "Go" button on the upper screen to search for them!
  • Once they appear, you must select them via the left-side checkbox, then choose Submit. 
  • Change the default Role to "Instructor" or other suitable role, then choose Submit.
  • Any issues blocking a student’s enrollment must be addressed by Student Affairs and the ACT Office
  • You or your student should send a request to

Before You Begin 

You must already be enrolled into the course/organization with instructor / leader rights before you can add other users.

  • You cannot delete other enrollees from a course or an organization.
  • You can change another enrollee’s Role (in order to raise or lower his or her rights in the course/organization).  Use a “Student” / “Participant” role if they do not need editing or grading rights.