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Blackboard Learn

Some key information and links for faculty starting to use Blackboard Learn

Grading Assignments

Here are some basics to get started. Click on the links below to get more information and a more complete printable version.

How do I find and grade papers that have been submitted?

With Blackboard Learn, the ‘door’ to grading items is via the Grade Center. This is a change from other systems such as Prime.

  • You don't go to an Assignment dropbox to view or grade submitted papers;
  • You < strong >don't go to a Test to grade student submissions.
  • Instead, you go to the Grade Center and choose the item to grade.

QUICK TIP: Use the “Needs Grading” link under the Grade Center to quickly access a list of pending submissions to grade.

After I have graded a paper, it disappears from the Needs Grading list. How can I find them again to review and revise  grades and comments after they have been graded?

To review both graded as well as ungraded submissions:

  1. go to the Grade Center,
  2. Click on the Edit button at the top right corner of that assignment’s column.
  3. Choose Grade Attempts.

How do I post comments on a submission and then enter a grade?

  1. You can do comments and markup directly on the student’s submissions by clicking on the Comment icon. 
  2. Other Comment options allow you to highlight a segment of text or even select a whole area.
  3. Options also include highlight or strikethrough.
  4. Your comments and markups are displayed in a list to the right of the student’s paper.
  5. You can enter the grade into the grade box
  6. If you have chosen/applied a grading rubric, click on the small downward angle bracket at far right to open the grading rubric.

Click this link to a more in-depth Blackboard FAQs.  with  much more about the various options and tools on grading Assignments.