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Blackboard Learn

Some key information and links for faculty starting to use Blackboard Learn

Bb Learn Instructor Account/Enrollment Request Form

Use this Excel spreadsheet to request:

  1. Additional instructor enrollments into existing Bb Learn course / organization sites.
  2. A Bb Learn account and course enrollment for adjunct faculty.
  3. A Organization site inside Bb Learn for your department, committee. 


  1. Download the spreadsheet.
  2. View the Instructions tabbed worksheet page, then enter your information in the FillThisOut tabbed worksheet.
  3. Email the completed form to This will create a ticket for this task in the Footprints system that will be assigned to our ACT Office staff. 
  4. You will receive an autoreply with the ticket number and will receive updates as the work is done and completed. 
  5. The email should have the subject line "Bb Learn Course / Instructor Request (Your Name)" with your first and last name in the parenthesis.