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Library Resources for Physical Therapy Research

Electronic Journals

If you want to know if the Library subscribes to a particular journal, you can do so by using the search box in the main page of the Library web site.

Make sure you click on the tab labeled "Journal Search".

Searching for a Journal

Type in the name of the journal for which you are searching and click on the search icon.


Journal Found

If the Library subscribes to the journal, you will find the record.  If the journal is available online, you can click on the link labeled "Available Online" (1) and this will take you to information on how to access the journal.  If you click on the link labeled "View Journal Contents"(2), you will go directly to the publisher's web site.

It is important to note that you are not searching the literature.  You will be told which journals the Library subscribes to.  You will not be told anything about individual articles until you go  to the publisher's web site.

Journal Availability

When you click on the record for the journal, you will see information on the journal availability.  

You can see the time period for which the journal is available and which format - print or electronic.  

If it is available electronically, you can click on the name of the publisher and go right to their web site.