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Panopto: A Quick Start Guide

Learn how to get started with Panopto, our institutional lecture capture system.

Recording with Panopto Client

Step 1. Login to Panopto

Launch your copy of Panopto and click the Sign In button. You will be directed to your web browser to login with your Blackboard Learn credentials.

Note: A Blackboard Learn account is required to use Panopto.

window for MacSign-in window for Windows

If you are using a personal computer, you may select the Remember Me button so that you don't need to enter your username and password in the future.

Mac Users: Once you've logged in, click the Create New Recording button.

Step 2. Select the course folder to record to

Click the dropdown Folder menu to select the folder you wish to record to. In most cases, this will be the title of your course as it appears in Blackboard Learn.

Select folderSelect folder Windows

NOTE: Folders may sometimes appear grayed out and not appear responsive. Click the small arrow to the left of the folder name to open it.
Open Arrow

Step 3. Title your session

Enter the title of your recording session.

We discourage leaving the timestamp as the title. The date and time will be automatically embedded into the sessions metadata.

A good practice is to pick a naming convention and apply it your sessions consistently, for example, Lecture X. Title of your lecture. This will make it easier for viewers to search for your session.

Title Mac

Title PC

Step 4. Set a primary video source

Click the Video dropdown menu to select a video source. 

The primary video source typically displays the instructor, not the screen being presented to viewers. In general, this will be set to your computer's webcam

Appearing as a talking head in your session is entirely optional, but may encourage greater engagement with viewers. 

Primary video setting for Mac

Step 5. Select a microphone

Click the Audio dropdown menu to select a sound source. 

Make sure that your microphone is not set too low or high. If the green sound level bar is clipping into the yellow or red when you are speaking at a regular volume, you will need to adjust the audio settings for your computer.

Although the built-in microphone on your computer will often give acceptable audio, one of the best ways to enhance the quality of your recordings is to invest in a good quality microphone.

Audio setting for Mac

Optional. Capture computer audio

Check the Capture Computer Audio checkbox if your presentation includes media with an audio component, such as a Powerpoint presentation with sound effects or a YouTube video.

Step 6. Select your secondary sources

Mac users:

In the Secondary Sources panel, set the Source dropdown menu to the monitor that will be displaying your presentation to your viewers. This will generally be the Built-in Display, but computers with multiple monitors may present a greater number of options.

Secondary Source for Mac

If you are presenting in Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, check the Record PowerPoint or Record Keynote box in the Slides panel. Checking the Slides option will automatically create a single image of each of your slides as you advance through them. These images will be uploaded as a low-bandwidth supplement to your presentation.

Windows users: 

In the Secondary Sources panel, check the Capture Main Screen box. 

If you are presenting in Microsoft PowerPoint, also check the Capture PowerPoint box. This option will automatically create a single image of each of your slides as you advance through them. These images will be uploaded as a low-bandwidth supplement to your presentation.

Step 7. Hit the record button!

Record Button

You are now ready to create your session. Press the Record button to start capturing your screen. 

You may now launch your presentation and start narrating.

Don't worry if you capture footage of the initial setup of your presentation. In the next section we will cover editing and publishing of your Panopto session.

Edit Your Recording