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Statistical /Scientific Desktop Software

Statistical/Data Analysis Software

Select statistical and data analysis programs have been made available through the SUNY Academic Software Initiative (ASI) or by SUNY contract. Click on the program's button on the left side to learn more - how to install or access it, etc. 


Category Software Description  
Statistical analysis:


Comprehensive, widely-used statistical anaysis program.  Only available for Windows operating system.

IBM SAS site:


Widely used statistical software. Run simple and advanced statistical analysis; good charting / table tools and data import/ export . Download and use open source integrations such as Python programming. more info
  Minitab Compact statistical analysis package that handles most common statistical analytics. more info
Concept mapping: CMAP Generate visual representations of data relations. more info
Geolocation mapping: ArcGIS Mapping physical locations of your data. more info
Mathematical analysis: Maple Solve wide range of mathematical problems; 2D and 3D plotting; keep documentation, solutions, etc together in one spot; programmable. more info
  Mathematica Sophisticated technical computing program. Over 5,000 integrated functions, elegant plotting tools. more info
  Solidworks Software for design and engineering. more info
Statistical analysis: Minitab Compact statistical analysis package that handles most common statistical analytics. more info

PLEASE NOTE: SAS and SPSS are installed on most computers in the Medical Library and computer labs.

To install SPSS/SAS on your own computer .  Click on the SPSS or SAS page link at upper left to download a Zipped file with the installer, instructions and license. 

For installation on your Downstate-owned PC, or for installing other software listed above, send an email to with your

  • name, phone number
  • the type of computer (Windows or Mac)
  • the name of the software you want to install. 

If you are requesting installation on your Downstate office computer, we will need the computer's name.  


Scientific Applications

Don't find what you need here?  Keep in mind that this page covers desktop software. Check the Academic Applications page for information on hosted scientific applications such as RedCAP (research data acquisition and analysis).