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About Scantron

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Faculty may give exams that have students enter answers by coloring in choices on 'bubble' answer sheets. These answer sheets can be scanned and the results analyzed to provide grades, discriminator values and other reports.

  1. SHEETS:  Each college/school must purchase/provide their own stock of Scantron bubble answer sheets.
    1. Blue Form 4521:  200 questions; 5 answer bubbles per question (A through E).  This is the most commonly used sheet.
    2. Green Form 6703:  120 questions; 10 answer bubbles per question.
  2. TESTING:  Students must fill in their Downstate student ID in the "Identification Number" section as well as their first and last names.
  3. PREPARING FOR GRADING:  Before you drop off your sheets for grading, make sure you have completed the following checklist.  Sheets will be returned without grading for repackaging if the following is not provided.
    1. Add a filled-in answer key sheet as the top answer sheet in the stack;
    2. Put the sheets inside a manila envelope. 
    3. A completed Test Score Cover Sheet is required. Note that it has been revised for 2019; please be sure to use the updated version.  You must enter the course's four-letter subject code & number ("NRBS 4530") and instructor's full name.  Attach the Test Scoring Cover Sheet to the outside of the manila envelope. 
    4. Drop off the packet in the ACT Annex (EB 020), located in the basement level of the Medical Library.  A locked drop-off box is located on the wall just outside the ACT Annex door.
  4. TIMELINE FOR GRADING:  ACT staff handle a large variety of work besides Scantron grading.  Grading will be done as soon as practical, but in almost all cases, no later than the times specified below.  Grading reports will be emailed to the principal instructor or staff member who submitted the grading packet.
    1. Tests received/dropped off by noon Monday through Friday will be graded by noon of the following business day.
    2. Tests received/dropped off by 5 pm Monday through Friday will be graded by 5 pm of the following business day.
    3. Requests for regrading will follow the same timeline.
  5. REGRADING:  After reviewing the results, the instructor can then reply via email with a specific request to drop questions or add/remove correct answers and regrade.  Regrading more than once should not be necessary.  We ask that you take enough time to carefully review all the grading report results and to garner student feedback on specific questions in order to ensure that you only need to make a single regrading request. 


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