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Virtual Microscopy

How do I access Downstate's digital microscopy slide system?

Aperio's eSlide Manager

Aperio's eSlide Manager makes digital slide images available as a 'virtual microscope'.

  • Using a variety of devices, students can examine, pan and zoom digital tissue samples.
  • Students and faculty can draw on and annotate the images during lab sessions.
  • Using the same image allows for a more standardized experience for all students.
  • The images are available 24/7, from both off campus and on campus. This high availability helps students (and faculty) prepare for labs in advance, then study the material without needing to access a microscope or slide box.
  • Our images are available at
  • Account information for the virtual microscopy system is made available by your teaching faculty.

For further information, or to request an account and training, send an email to

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