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Office 365: Viewing and Sorting the Drafts Folder by Date

Viewing and Sorting the Drafts Folder by Date

By default items in the drafts folder in Outlook will show none as the date since they have been sent yet and the view is sorting by sent date. To see the date when the draft item was last saved you can change the view to sort based on the last date it was modified by following these steps.

  • Open the Drafts Folder in Outlook.
  • Click View/View Settings.
  • Click on the View tab.
  • Then click View Settings.
  • On the Advance View Settings Dialog box choose Sort.
  • On the Sort dialog box click on the down arrow for the "Sort items by" field and change it from Sent to Received (you may have to scroll up to see this selection). Then click OK.
  • On question to show the Received field in the view click Yes.
  • Click OK on the Advanced View Settings dialog box.  Your drafts view should now display the date the message as last saved and be displayed in the Drafts view.