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Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Guide

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Is Evidence-Based Nursing different from Evidence-based Medicine?

  • Robert McSherry (ed.) (Evidence-Informed Nursing : A Guide for Clinical Nurses. London ; New York : Routledge, 2002. pp7) wrote about the different approach that nurses take in evaluating clinical effectiveness.
  • Nurses are trained to approach the patient holistically, as an individual. 
  • Some aspects of nursing care, for example, hand washing, are amenable to clinical effectiveness measurement. 
  • Other actions, which occur in a multidisciplinary setting are not. 
  • Nursing researchers are developing clinical measurements of effectiveness that evaluate the complex delivery of nursing care.   

Is it Cook Book Medicine?


Evidence-Informed Practice or Evidence-Based Practice

The Second Triennial Systematic Literature Review of European Nursing Research: Impact on Patient Outcomes and Implications for Evidence-Based Practice.(2018)

  • The authors look at European nursing research
  • They criticize it's poor quality in regards to developing best evidence.  

What is the Value of Patient Values in Evidence-Based Nursing Practice?

  • This is the introduction to an interesting  chat about patient preferences vs. patient values. 
  • The chat starts off at the BMJ Evidence Based Nursing Blog and continues on Twitter

Culture Eats Strategy Every Time: What Works in Building and Sustaining an Evidence-Based Practice Culture in Healthcare Systems.

  • This is an editorial discussion of what institutions need to do truly embrace evidence-based practice. 
  • It is written by Bernadette M. Melnyk.