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Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Guide

A LibGuide

Making Sense of Statistics

  • Different kinds of studies use different statistical methods. 
  • Even if you hate statistics with a passion, knowing the statistical tests associated witheach study type can help you do a quick evaluation. 
  • If a particular study uses an inappropriate statistical method, the results might not be valid.
  • To read further might be a waste of time.  
  • Unfortunately there are many synonyms for the different types of studies.
  • Itcan take a few minutes to find out the type of study ...... 

Effect Size Calculator 

  • Effect size (ES) is a name given to a family of indices that can measure  the magnitude of a treatment effects and more
  • The Incidence Ratio is one kind of effect size measure.  
  • There is more than one formula in use. 
  • This site explains several. 
  • The explanations imply a knowledge of statistics.

Finding and Using Health Statistics  

  • Webinars offered by NICHSR
  • Content how to find the health datasets you need.  .

EBM Tools and Calculators

  • This is an extensive library of tools from MD Anderson Research Medical Library