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Respondus software, including Test Importer, Lockdown Browser for securing computers during exams and Monitor for remote proctoring

Computerized Testing using the Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) and Monitor

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Is your Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) exam asking for a password?  If your test requires the Respondus LDB and is asking for a password (such as in the image below), you are not in the Respondus Lockdown Browser


Respondus LDB is a full web browser, not a plug-in to an existing browser.  You cannot use a standard web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox) to access a test that requires the Respondus LDB.  Download it from the link in the Online Resources for Students course in Bb Learn.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

This web browser works with Bb Learn tests. Installed on Downstate computer lab PCs; can be installed on student-owned laptops/desktops.  Prevents access to other tabs, files, applications, saving or printing while taking a test.


Video proctoring option available for tests using the Respondus LDB.  Monitor records audio/video of the student during the exam, then runs a post-exam facial recognition analysis and flags areas of concern such as the student looking at something other than the screen.


Certify Home Network/Computer/Camera/Microphone: 

A practice test and software download link is available for students to certify their home network/computer/camera/microphone. Download the installer and run the practice test from the Online Resources for Students course in Bb Learn. Faculty must request a computer lab from Classroom Services for students who are unable to successfully certify their home setup.


Respondus Lockdown Browser


  • Downstate public computers used for computerized exams: The LDB is already installed.
  • Student-owned computer: Students can download the installer and use a practice exam in the Online Resources for Students course   to certify their home network/computer/camera/microphone.


Respondus Monitor: 

  • The Respondus Monitor is a web video proctoring system that is available for computerized tests in Blackboard Learn
  • You must have the Respondus LDB installed on the computer used for the test in order to also use Monitor. The computer must also have a webcam installed.
  • Respondus LDB is already installed on Downstate lab computers.  It can also be installed by students on their own laptops (see above). 


Instructor Resources:

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