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Respondus software, including Test Importer, Lockdown Browser for securing computers during exams and Monitor for remote proctoring

Instructions for Students Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

Student taking exam in Respondus


To get assistance with Respondus Lockdown Browser, access student help at:



To ensure exam security, you must install and use the Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) and a webcam for video monitored exam proctoring. A practice test has been posted in an Exams folder in the Content area.

Completing installation of the assessment software and taking the practice test is required before you take your regular course exams. If your laptop proves insufficient for use, you must fill out and submit a request for taking the exam on a Downstate computer. A link to the form has been posted in the Exam folder. You will learn how to use the Respondus LockDown Browser, how to set up your webcam's camera and microphone and how to navigate the exam interface for commonly used question types (multiple choice, matching, true/false and essay).

  • You must use the exact computer / webcam that you will be using later for your course exams so that any technical issues can be identified and resolved.
  • The Respondus Lockdown Browser is required. Click here to download and install it. The LDB installer can also be downloaded by clicking on the link on the Licensed Software box located on the lower part of the Home page that you see when you first log into Blackboard Learn.
  • Note that a Windows or Apple computer is required; Chromebooks or tablets cannot be used for these exams.
  • Video/audio will be recorded; a webcam is required. The test will use the Monitor feature of the Respondus software for remote proctoring. Almost all laptops already have an integrated webcam. If you are using a desktop computer, an inexpensive webcam can be plugged in via USB and mounted to the top of your monitor screen. The Logitech C270 ($21) can be purchased at Staples, Best Buy or online at Amazon.
  • Instructions on how to use the LDB and Monitor can be accessed via the link for the Lockdown Browser above and will also be provided when you click on the exam link.
  • Make sure your face is well-lit, not in shadow; the exam video recorder uses facial recognition to track and flag activity for instructors to check.
  • You may not talk with others, have headphones/earbuds or consult your phone during the test.
  • Take between five and ten minutes to complete the exam in order to generate a meaningful experience. Do not worry about getting the right answer. These are generic practice questions chosen at random; the question material does not relate to this course. The essay question will not be graded. Ignore the final test score; it will not count toward the course grade.
  • If you do not have access to a functional laptop with a webcam, you w.

If you encounter any problems setting up or taking an exam, chat live with Respondus technical support at:

To troubleshoot issues, run the System Check: Open the Respondus LDB, click on the Help icon at the top of the Respondus LDB browser, run the system checks,

To request assistance from Academic Computing and Technology at Downstate, email that info to

  1. Use the subject line "Respondus LDB: [SUBJ NUMB] test issue (Firstname Lastname)" with your first and last name in the parenthesis.  Substitute your course subject code and number - for example, "Respondus LDB: PAPH 6300 Sp20 test issue"
  2. Indicate the type of computer that you are using (laptop or desktop), operating system of the computer (Windows 7 or 10; Apple OS X) and the network connection (wifi or wired/Ethernet).
  3. Give the date/time of the exam and BRIEFLY describe the issue — for example, "The Respondus lockdown browser could not be installed on my computer.", "The test closed suddenly" or "I lost my network connection and could not return to the test".
  4. Give your email address and phone number.
  5. Staff will respond to the ticket by the next business day.

Most students report no issues with getting squared away and we will help you with any issues. Good Luck with your exam!