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Promethean Smart Boards

Interactive displays for education, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom.

About Promethean Smart boards

Image of a Promethean ActivPanel board

The smart board is an interactive display for education, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom. It has a whiteboard function, allowing teacher/student collaboration.

Each smart board contains not one, but two separate types of computer:

  • a Windows-based computer (OPS)
  • an Android-based computer (ActivConnect)

How do I turn the Promethean smart board on and off? 

The board is turned on and off by using the power button on the lower left group of controls on the panel. When the panel is on there is a green light, when it is off the light is red.
Photo of the power button of a Promethean smart board

How do I turn the Promethean's computers (OPS, ActivConnect) on and off?

The power button turns on both OPS and ActivConnect options simultaneously.

What are the different inputs? 

Currently there are two pre-set inputs (sources) connected to the panel.

  • OPS: A Windows computer that opens to the SUNY Downstate network.
  • ActivConnect: the ActivPanel with pink button.

How do I switch between computers?

You can access them from the source button — the last button on the lower left group of controls on the panel.
Photo of the source button on a Promethean smart board

How do I adjust screen settings like brightness and resolution?

You can adjust the screen settings by choosing the sixth button on the control panel.
Photo of the screen button on a Promethean smart board

How do I adjust or check the touch sensitivity?

The touch sensitivity is does not have a settings option; the touch is responsive to the amount of pressure you put on the board and becomes very natural once you familiarize yourself with it.

If I change the settings, will the smart board go back to default settings if I turn it off and back on?

No. The settings will retain the last changes made.

Are the Promethean smart boards already connected to the campus network?

Downstate’s IT department has enabled a direct connection to the campus network via the OPS (windows) source.

What's the difference between the OPS (Windows) and the ActivConnect/ACON (Android) computers?

The OPS option is connected to the campus network, with easy accessibility to campus sites such as Blackboard, Downstate email, etc.

The ActivConnect option takes you to the Promethean ActivPanel. The ActivPanel has an onscreen power button and access to various functions, such as whiteboards, annotations and timers. This option also has direct access to ActivCast and Class Flow. The home screen can be customized to your personal preferences, such as adding shortcuts to favorite websites or apps.

Image of Promethean Board interface

How do I decide which one to use?

You can decide which option you wish to use according to your needs and teaching style.

If you would like to use the whiteboard options, the ability to annotate onscreen content, or the timer, these functions are only available via the ActivConnect option.

If you wish to access the campus network, then the OPS would be your option.

My Powerpoint presentation is on a USB flash drive. How do I use it with OPS or ActivConnect?

There is a USB port available in the front of the panel on the lower right side. On the ActivPanel, a popup window will appear on the screen stating
that it detects a new device and asking if you want to switch. Press OK and your USB drive will open.
Photo of the USB port on a Promethean smart board

Alternatively you can swipe down from the top of the screen view a notification listing your USB flash drive.

Can I play audio and video files? How do I play them when using the OPS (Windows) computer? When using the ActiveConnect (Android) computer?

Yes, if you have an audio and video file on your USB flash drive you can connect via the USB port as described above. If your files are on the web, you can locate the site and play them directly from the web source. These two options pertain to both the OPS & ActivConnect sources.

Is there a whiteboard feature/app?

Yes, there is a very complete whiteboard function.

Image of the whiteboard on a smart board

Where I can get more information?


It is also accessible from the ActivPanel home screen — touch the question mark button and it will take you directly to the support site.