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Promethean Smart Boards

Interactive displays for education, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom.

Connecting to a Promethean board

Connecting your laptop or tablet wirelessly to a Promethean board:

Get Ready: The Android computer in the Promethean display has an app (ActiveCast) that allows other devices to connect using WiFi to display their screen to the board.  Here's how to get your device and the Promethean board ready to sync:

First, get the ActiveCast app/extension for your mobile device:

Tablets: download the ActiveCast app from the Apple or Google Play store.

Laptops:  Connecting is done through an ActiveCast Sender extension installed in the Chrome web browser.  Download /install Chrome if you don't already have it, then install the ActiveCast Sender Chrome Extension from the Chrome store.  Here's an article on getting that set up:

Next, connect your tablet or laptop to the DMC-Secure WiFi network.

Then, toggle the board inputs to use the embedded Android computer so you can use its ActiveCast app. 

Use the physical Input button (the rightmost physical button at the bottom of the Promethean display) to call up a list of inputs.  Inputs that are active are marked with a green dot. Select "HDMI3" or "OPS" to change to the ActiveConnect (Android) operating system.  Note that the name displayed for this option may change if someone recently used that input.

Next, open the ActiveCast app on the Promethean board.  If it isn't one of the onscreen app icons that are already displayed, tap the onscreen pink Menu button

Note the broadcast name of the Promethean board is shown at upper right.

A four-digit Key password is shown on the right side as well.

You are ready to connect!


Get Connected: Using the app or extension, you can browse a list to select your Promethean board or put in the Connection ID to connect your device

Here's an article and a video that review key information on the process :

To connect your Laptop:  Follow the steps listed in the Get Ready section above to select the Android OS and then open ActiveCast app on the Promethean board.  Then open Chrome on your laptop and click on the small black ActiveCast Sender icon now located on the top toolbar. 

On the dialog box that appears, scroll the list of boards and select yours.  If it does not appear in the list, enter the Connection ID number for the Promethean board into one of the two text boxes and hit Submit.  You'll be asked to provide the "Password"; enter the four-digit PIN key code already shown on the Promethean board.

To connect your Tablet:  Follow the steps listed in the Get Ready section above to select the Android OS and then open ActiveCast app on the Promethean board.