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D2L Brightspace Learning Management System

Brightspace: Where's My Account or Course?

Courses, accounts and enrollments are created by automation based on records in Banner.


Before you get an account, you must have a SGID.

  • SUNY has created a unique identifier called the SUNY Global ID (SGID).  The SGID is different from other ID numbers such as your Downstate student ID number, faculty BannerID number or employee SUNYpersonID.
  • LIke a social security number, you will keep the same SGID during any activity in the SUNY system: if you move from student to employee, for example, or matriculation across different SUNY campuses.
  • You must have a SGID first in order to get a Brightspace account.
  • It is SUNY Central - not Downstate - who creates your SGID.
  • Students:  Your SGID is created when you register for your first course in Banner.
  • New faculty/staff:  Your SGID is created when Downstate's Human Resources/Payroll staff enter your information into the SUNY HR database to create your payroll information.
  • Continuing faculty/staff:  Your SGID was already created by SUNY based on your information already in the SUNY HR database.



  • Faculty accounts are created by automation once they have been assigned to a course in Banner as principal instructor.
  • Instructions for onboarding new faculty to Downstate HSU can be found here.
  • Student accounts are created by automation once they register for a course in Banner and enrollment in those courses is turned on. .


  • Instructors cannot enroll students into their course. 
  • Principal instructors are autoenrolled into their course in Brightspace after they have been assigned as principal instructor to the course in Banner. 
  • Students are autoenrolled after they have registered in Banner and cleared any holds. 
  • It  make take up to four hours for automation to process registrations.
  • Check with the Registrar if you do not see your course yet in Brightspace.
  • Principal instructors are responsible for enrolling other faculty as needed.  Instructions are available below.
  • Deans, degree program chairs and key program staff have "cascading" access to their school's / programs' s courses and can enroll other faculty as needed.  Instructions are available below.
  • Due to low staffing levels we regret that we cannot honor requests to batch-enroll other instructors directly into courses.

Access to courses

  • Courses are created 2-3 months before the start of the semester.
  • Faculty get access immediately.
  • Students get access during Preview Week (one week prior to the start of classes).


Questions? Need assistance?

Send a request for assistance to and the first available staff member will assist you.

Faculty can book a live assistance session using the Schedule button at