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D2L Brightspace Learning Management System

Bug Reports


Check here to see whether your issue has already been identified and the status of a resolution


Item Date Description Status What to do:
Faculty account 5/27/22 Automation may not create an account; network login may not work. In process

SUNY can create an local account

Local login via password saved on BrSp

Course title 5/27/22 Missing subject code / number, wrong order of information In process

Edit individually in Course Admin > Course Offering Information

Working with SUNY to alter automation

Respondus Lockdown Browser 6/14/2022 Making Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor work with D2L Brightspace tests Completed Use the Respondus tab in the Quiz settings for your test.  Students must use a regular browser to log in and access the quiz link.  Clicking on the quiz link will call the Respondus LDB on the user's computer.



Integration setup Completed Go to a module (Folder). Drop down the "add existing" list and select "External learning tools".  Choose Panopto - BRK.  After it is added,click on the link to provision the course in Panopto.
Grades 8/1/22 Maximum points in grade column In process Maximum points field in the grades column does not automatically synchronize with the point value of quizzes.
Grades 6/21/22 Grades not synchronizing from quiz to the grade book column Completed Must have  "synchronize to grade book" checkbox checked off before test takers submit their tests.  Otherwise instructor must use Publish for each individual submission in Grades.
Statistics 6/21/22 Does not calculate biserial etc In process Imported tests from Bb Learn that originally set to draw from question pools but there are no pools in the BrSp instance.
Quizzes 6/24/22 Cannot drop question from test In process Not currently in the grading interface.  Working with technical support on work-around.
Schools, degree progams 6/2/22 Associating students/faculty with their college/school and degree program In process Suny creating new Banner processes to automate this.  In the meantime, we post files to SUNY to process manually.
Non-course sites (student and faculty degree program sites, like in Bb Learn) 6/2/22 Creating sites for degree programs to house materials; enrolling their faculty/students. in process Suny creating new Banner processes to automate this.  In the meantime, we post files to SUNY to process manually.
Course templates not applied when creating courses 6/30/22 No template applied when courses created.



In Process

Fall 2022 courses: Short-term fix applied overnight, should be resolved by 7/1/22. 

Long term fix is being crafted by SUNY and Downstate staff.

Bb Learn Archive Copying 7/5/22 Many Fa21, Sp22 archives were not copied from Bb Learn Completed D2L identified and resolved issue caused by very large course that halted subsequent copying.

JMN edited 6/27/2022