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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will switch-over affect me?

A Downstate NetID is now required to access the SUNY Secure Login.

Fortunately, the majority of users in the campus and hospital already have and use a NetID for Wi-Fi access, logging into windows computers and for VPN. 

In the coming months, your NetID will be used to login to most systems at SUNY Downstate. 

When do new students receive their NetID?

New students receive their NetID during the admission process.

Students who don't receive their NetID before they arrive on campus, or during registration, should fill out an online NetID Assistance Request or contact the Office of Academic Computing & Technology during live drop-in hours.

When do new staff, faculty and residents receive their NetID?

New faculty, staff and residents receive their unique Downstate NetIDs as part of the orientation process at Downstate.

I'm a former employee/student of SUNY Downstate who has been rehired in a different role. Do I keep my original NetID?

Yes, your NetID is a part of your permanent university record. It will never be assigned to another individual. 

If you are accidentally assigned a new NetID, your department's HR representative should contact the IT Service Desk and explain the situation.

I am Downstate alumnus. Do I retain my NetID?

No, once you graduate, your NetID will no longer be functional unless you rejoin the campus in some capacity.

Can I use my NetID from another campus?

No, ‚Äčif you have a NetID from another campus, it will not be supported at Downstate.

Does my NetID allow access to resources from off-campus?


If I don’t use a computer, do I still need a NetID?

Everyone employed by SUNY Downstate needs a NetID for Time and Attendance and Wi-Fi access.

Faculty and Staff, as well as affiliates, also need a NetID in order to maintain their individual listings in the SUNY Downstate Directory.

Can I let someone else use my NetID?

No. Your NetID is for your exclusive use only and it is strictly against DMC policy to share your password with a third party. Violators are subject to termination. For further information, refer to your Supervisor or Dean. 

I have a problem with my password, what should I do?

Fill out an online NetID Assistance Request.

Can I have more than one NetID?

No, an individual may only have one NetID.

If you are unsure of your NetID, click here

Need further assistance? Fill out an online NetID Assistance Request