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Student Orientation Guide

Important information for new students of SUNY Downstate

Uploading Your Student Profile Photo

Use a plain white or off-white background as a backdrop

Pay attention to the lighting

  • The picture should be in good lighting, without glare or shadows

Remove your hat

  • Hats and head coverings should be removed unless a part of your religious beliefs

Face the camera with a natural expression

Take the photo

  • If you're using a smartphone, trying using the built-in portrait mode
  • To make it easier, have a friend take the photo for you, rather than a traditional selfie
  • Make sure your face is framed appropriately — use the photo below as a reference
    Profile photo of a girl
  • Take multiple shots to make sure you get your good side

Resize your photo to exactly 400 pixels tall by 300 pixels wide.

  • Use a photo editor such as Apple Preview or Abode Photoshop
  • Crop the photo if necessary, but don't resize it so that the proportions are altered
    How to crop your photo