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Respondus software, including the Test Publisher, Lockdown Browser for securing computers during exams and Monitor for remote proctoring

Computerized Testing using the Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) and Monitor

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NOTE: You can use the Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) for securing tests in your Blackboard Learn course. Monitor is a video proctoring option within the Respondus LDB. You can set Respondus LDB with the Monitor feature either on or off.

If students cannot use their home computer/camera and microphone/network to take a test that requires the Respondus Lockdown Browser, they can come on campus and take it in a computer lab.  They must submit a reservation request.  Log into Blackboard Learn, click on the "Online Resources for Students" course, then click on Content.  A link to a request form is posted there.


Respondus Lockdown Browser

  • Video: See how the Respondus LDB works.
  • Video: How to configure your Blackboard Learn test to use the Respondus LDB/Monitor
  • PDF: Download the Instructor Quickstart Guide
  • When used for a Blackboard Learn computerized exam, it prevents the student from opening any other programs on that computer.
  • The Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) is already installed on Downstate public computers used for computerized exams.
  • Students who need to install it on their own computer can download the installer by logging into Blackboard Learn. Search for the box titled "Licensed Software for Downstate Users" that is located on the lower part of the Home page. You may have to scroll down to find it.
  • Faculty:  access the Respondus LDB in the Course Tools to select your test and set it to use the Respondus LDB. Use the links above to access the Quickstart Guide and video tutorials to learn how to set it up for use with your test.

Key points to remember:

  • SET TEST OPTIONS FIRST: You must deploy the test and configure Test Options first - Timer, Start and Stop Access date/time, etc - before you can set up Respondus LDB/Monitor for the test. You can't use the Test Options page to turn on the Respondus LDB for your test.  Access the separate Respondus LDB settings in the instructor's menu of Course Tools.  A list of tests is displayed; choose the test and then toggle the Respondus LDB  on for it.
  • PASSWORD: Respondus LDB uses a strong randomized password that is hidden from students.  It is generated randomly, differs from test to test; users do not need to know or see it.  Do not set a separate password in the Test Options page or it will prevent the use of the LDB.

Instructor Resources:

Respondus Monitor: 

  • The Respondus Monitor is a web video proctoring system that is available for computerized tests in Blackboard Learn
  • You must have the Respondus LDB installed on the computer used for the test in order to also use Monitor. The computer must also have a webcam installed.
  • Respondus LDB is already installed on Downstate lab computers.  It can also be installed by students on their own laptops (see above). 


Instructor Resources:

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