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Statistical / Scientific Desktop Software

SAS Statistical Software

Comprehensive, widely-used statistical analysis program, available to Downstate users through the SUNY Academic Software Initiative. SAS is installed on public computers in the lower (basement) level of the Medical Library. 

Note to macOS Users: SAS is only available for Windows

We regret that we are unable to offer support on running virtualized Windows on your Apple OS computer. Apple/Mac users can use IBM's free online version of SAS (SAS University)

Installing SAS on your Personal Computer

(Please read all instructions!)

Use your NetID username/password to download the installer at the link below. Note that the file is quite large and downloading it may require one or more hours depending on your home wireless network speed. The downloaded file contains the license key.

Download SAS for Windows

Already have SAS installed but just need to update your license file?

Download an updated SAS license file

Installing SAS on your Downstate Computer

Send an email to with the subject SAS: Install (Your Name) and the following information:

  • Your name, department, phone number, building and office location
  • The name of your computer: To find your computer name: Click on the Start/Windows button at bottom left; choose the Control Panel/Settings button (gear icon), then System > About/Properties.
  • Two possible 90 minute appointment slots: suggest two dates/times in the next two weeks when you would be available and could be at that computer during the installation.