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Statistical /Scientific Desktop Software

SPSS Statistical Software


IBM released a new installer that has resolved a security issue with the original log4j.jar files. 

Uninstall your current SPSS and use the installer available at the links below to install the new secure version.

Read and follow the instructions posted below.

  • SPSS is a widely used statistical/data analysis package. Run simple and advanced statistical analysis; good charting/table tools and data import/export.
  • Download and use open source integrations such as Python programming.
  • Available for Windows and Apple computers that meets technical requirements,


Downstate has made SPSS statistical analysis software available in three ways:

  • Via installation and authorization on your computer;
  • On campus computers in the Medical Library.and computer labs.
  • Online using a Citrix virtual desktop for students in select courses.

Download the how-to instructions on installation or online access that are posted at the bottom of this page.  You can also watch a demo video on online access.

Installation on your own personal laptop: 

Click on the appropriate link below, then enter your Downstate NetID username and password.  Download the compressed Zip file that contains the installer file.  Uninstall any prior version before running the installer. You will need a license key; it will not work with prior installed versions.  To obtain a license key, send an email to with the subject line "SPSS: license (FirstName LastName)".  Include the following information in your email:

  • Full name,
  • College/school and
  • Course subject code, number and title if you are requesting it for course work.



Installer for Windows Install pkg for macOS
 Installation on a Downstate computer: 

Faculty or staff will have to request installation on their Downstate PC.  Send an email to with the subject SPSS: Install (Your Name) and the following information:

  • Your name, department, phone number, building and office location
  • The name of your computer: To find your computer name: Click on the Start/Windows button at bottom left; choose the Control Panel/Settings button (gear icon), then System > About/Properties.
  • Two 90 minute appointment slots: suggest two dates/times in the next two weeks when you would be available and could be at that computer during the installation.
Access via the online Citrix desktop:

Currently Citrix licenses are limited; at this time only students/faculty in certain courses will be able to use this method. If you have been notified that this is available in your course, watch the video and use the instruction PDF below to log in.