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Turning On TurnItIn for your Assignment

NOTE: You must enable TurnItIn for your Brightspace assignment dropbox before any students submit their papers.  Turning it on after submissions have begun will not run reports on the previously submitted papers.

Download a printable version here.

Create your Assignment.

1. Click on Assignments from the menu bar

2. Choose "New Assignment".


3. Fill in essentials: title, score, due date, etc.

4. Click on "Evaluation and Feedback" to expand the options.

5. Scroll down to "Manage TurnItIn" and click on it.  This will take you to a separate series of pages (see below). 

6. When you are done, return to this page and choose Save and Close.


Configure TurnItIn Integration - Main Settings:

7. Enable Similarity Report: RECOMMENDED - this is how you get the Similarity Score and matches report.

8. Display:  RECOMMENDED.   Let students see the Similarity Scores.  Great learning opportunity.

9. Submissions Check:  Usually select "automatic" to check all submissions.  Use the other option only if you wish to check just the submissions by certain students.

10. Online Grading: RECOMMENDED. TII has a nice set of grading tools.  Leave unselected if you wish to use Brightspace online grading.

11. Transfer:  RECOMMENDED - Automatically sync grades to Brightspace.  (If you grade using TII tools, you must sync grades either auto or manually.)

12. More Options:  RECOMMENDED - click this and read the recommended selections in the next section.


More Options: Submissions / Comparisons

13. Submit Papers to Standard Repository: RECOMMENDED.  This will make the submission part of the TII global database for future comparisons.  You may wish to choose the other option (don't submit).  This will check against their database but it won't save a copy of this submission to use for future checks.  Reasons to skip submitting to the Repository might be if you are allowing draft submissions as well as a final version or if this is a unique paper/dissertation that you do not wish to let anyone else see even small matches in a future Similarity Report.

14. Greyed out options:  Some items are managed by D2L Brightspace. 

15. Compare Against: RECOMMENDED - usually you should select all of these. 

TurnItIn-MoreOptions 1


More Options: Similarity Report

16.  Generate Reports: RECOMMENDED - "Immediately" option.  You may also choose to select "when due date arrives".

17. Exclude:  RECOMMENDED - Select all of these.  Matches to references, to quoted materials or to standardized medical phrases can inflate the Similarity Score to produce a false positive.  Standardized medical history language such as  "A 45 Y.O. Hispanic female presented with a persistent non-productive cough..." often generates false matches.  We recommend choosing 10-15 word exclusions to rule these out.

TurnItIn - More Options: Similarity Report


More Options: Exclude A Set of Standardized Text

18. Exclude Template:  You may upload a customized set of text to tell TII to ignore this when it appears.

19. Save Settings:  RECOMMENDED - saves time when setting up future Assignment dropboxes.

20. Submit - this will save your More Options settings and return you to the main Settings page.

TurnItIn - Exclude Template, Save Settings


JMN - rev 12/14/2022