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Finding Electronic Books

Searching for Electronic Books

To find out whether the Library has access to a particular book, you can use the search box in the middle of the screen.  You will have to navigate past the navigation grid and the blue welcome message to access this box.

Electronic Books

If you want to know if you have access to an electronic book, you can use the search box on the main page of the Library web site.

Click on the tab labeled "E-Book Search" to look for electronic books.

Searching for a Book

Enter the title of the book you want to access and click on the button with the magnifying glass or hit the Enter key on your keyboard.


E-Book Records

If the Library has a license for that book, you will see a record for the book.

If the book is available electronically, there will be a link labeled "Available Online".


Accessing Electronic Books

When you click on the link labeled "Available Online", you will be taken to the record for the book.

Within the record, there is a note telling you which platform the book is available from.  Click on that link to access the book.