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Using Panopto with Your Brightspace Course

Learn how to seamlessly integrate your course with Panopto lecture capture

Embedding Sessions Into Your Course Content

One of the advantages of the Brightspace learning management system is the ability to easily organize a variety of course material formats into self-contained modules.

A recommended best practice for sharing your recorded lectures in Panopto is to embed them directly into their relevant modules, as opposed to sending students to the Panopto web site to view them.

Navigate into the module into which you want to embed your session.

Click the Upload/Create button and select the Create a File option.

Image of the upload create button

Enter a title for your file.


In the HTML editor window that appears, click the Insert Stuff button.

Insert Stuff button

In the dialog box that appears, select the Panopto Video - BRK option (you may have to scroll down).

Image of Panopto Tool

Select the video you wish to embed and click the Insert button. In the preview window that appears, select Insert again.

Image of the Insert button

Click the Save and Close button.

Image of the final product