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Classrooms & Lecture Halls: Lecture Hall Computer Upgrades

Upgrade/Standardization of Classroom/Lecture Hall Podium Computers

The computers used for teaching in the lecture halls and in HSEB Classroom 1A have reached their end of life. During the Fall 2022 semester, Downstate will be replacing the teaching computers in all centrally supported lecture halls and in HSEB Classroom 1A. The new computers will be running the current Downstate version of Windows. Some key reasons for this selection are to:

  • Provide a standard, familiar interface across all SUNY teaching spaces for an improved user experience.

  • Enable remote, real-time desktop support.

  • Use our existing enterprise systems to monitor and manage hardware issues, OS/software installations & upgrades and to send alerts to staff when issues occur.

  • Automate outage and downtime alerts.

Why didn’t you install dual boot iMacs again?

A number of these locations hadiMacsthatcouldbootintoeitherWindowsorAppleOS. Whiledifficult to maintain, it was a nice convenience for faculty to have their preferred OS.

Unfortunately, changes in Apple devices and in the Windows OS along with the end of support by the vendors have simply made it too difficult to continue to support “dual boot” systems in our shared spaces. In addition, the current similarity in presentation software and browser compatibility across the OS platforms ease the transition to one system.

What about installing an iMac and a Windows PC?

It is too expensive and difficult to install and support two different computers in all of our t eaching spaces.

These will also have updated software including Microsoft 365, Panopto Recorder and the full range of current web browsers.

Mac users, if you would prefer to use your own device, note that ever room has connections for your MacBook. If you would like to “kick the tires” — to see a PC / touch-sensitive display configuration — the installation has been completed in HSEB Lecture Hall 1B.

If you wish to schedule time for AV training on the Windows platform, use the "Request a Training Session" button at the bottom of the Classroom Services information page.

For any other questions about our shared teaching spaces, call Classroom Services at x2639 or email us at