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Wi-Fi Access on Campus: Wireless Networks

Campus Wireless Networks

Hand holding a router

There are three wireless networks on campus for general usage: DMC-Secure, DMC-Guest & DMCRH.‚Äč


  • For general use by Downstate students, faculty and staff.  Requires a login using your NetID (network) username and password.
  • Users can access Downstate resources.


  • Public network for use by hospital/campus guests to access Internet resources. No login required.
  • WILL NOT WORK TO ACCESS CAMPUS RESOURCES! Access to Downstate resources is blocked for security and bandwidth purposes. Use the DMC-Secure network if you are a Downstate student, faculty or staff member.


  • For use in the Residence Halls.
  • Requires a login using your NetID (network) username and password.


 Not sure about your NetID account username and password?

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