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SUNY-Downstate Medical Research Library of Brooklyn: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

a Libguide

The Basics - Entering the Medical Research Library of Brooklyn, the DMC Library

Most of us were last in libraries when we were students.  The Medical Library of Brooklyn (Downstate's library) has changed.   Most resources are now online.  The catalog is only on line.  Searching for the best evidence in evidence based nursing practice is actually easier now, but the experience is different. 

Any employee  of DMC has a Net ID that allows access to their time sheets, and usually their email and the Library off-site.  Your NetID allows you to use the library from any computer, anywhere that has internet access.    

If you don't know your NetID go here first.

You can start using this LibGuide without a NetID, but once you want to explore  sites that are particular to this library, you will be asked for your net ID.  

Resources that you may need are in the left hand column.  The tutorials for these resources are here as well.

If you need assistance you can reach a reference librarian by going to the Main Library page and using the link between the life rings.  The Library's calendar lists the service hours for each day.  

McMaster University Library:  What is a Database?  How to Use it

2.5 minute video.  

This video also introduces the terms "Subject Headings" and "Keywords"

Identifying Peer Reviewed Journals.  

This link to Oregon State University Libraries has a page of methods to identify a peer -reviewed journals as well as a 5-minute video.

What Is a Boolean Operator? 

Many databases use Boolean Operators to to logically sift through your search terms.  This video from the University of Florida Medical School  defines Boolean terms and demonstrates their use in a database search.  

How to Evaluate Information on the Web

These are general instructions for evaluating web pages, any web page, not just medical or health related pages.  It's thoroughness and vivid examples make this tutorial useful.


Evaluating Health Websites

This site uses the same criteria to evaluate health sites.  

Understanding Evidence

Does the treatment really  work?  Have the study authors really proved that a treatment doesn't work?  These articles help you  interpret conclusions in a research article.  

The Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

This is an editorial from the British Medical Journal.

An Invisible Unicorn has been Grazing in my Office for a Month.... Prove me Wrong.

This blog post discusses how to approach critically evaluating evidence in the literature.