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Requesting Accounts for New Faculty or Academic Support Staff

Full-time, Part-time & Adjunct

Requesting Accounts for New Faculty or Academic Staff

Teaching faculty (full-time, part-time or adjunct hired to teach one or more courses) will receive NetID, email, Brightspace and Banner accounts.  A Banner account is required for automation to create their Brightspace LMS account.

Academic support staff may also need Brightspace and Panopto accounts if they are to support course materials/activities online using those systems.

Your degree program administrator must file requests to create your accounts as follows:

Step 1. Complete Compliance Training

Step 2. Request NetID, email and Brightspace Accounts

Step 3. Banner Access

Your administrator must email the Registrar's Office with a request to assign the instructor to their course in Banner.  Include:

  • full name
  • phone number
  • outside email address
  • course information for the upcoming course(s) that you will be teaching including:
    • semester
    • course subject code and number
    • title
    • section

Once the instructor is assigned to the course in Banner, daily automation will create a Brightspace account and enroll you into the course in Brightspace.  More information on Brightspace such as how to login, navigate and create content can be found here.