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I can't login!

Get help accessing your systems — Banner, email, Blackboard Learn, etc.

I Can't Login!
Get help accessing your systems — Banner, email, Blackboard Learn, etc.

Every Downstate student and employee receives a NetID account. Your NetID account authenticates your login to other campus systems including Banner, email, Wi-Fi and Blackboard Learn. If you can log into any of these, the same password should also work for all other systems.

Instructions on using the campus self-service password reset system are available below.

Your Username

For email, Leo and Microsoft Teams:

  • Your Downstate email address — typically,

Username for other systems:

Your Downstate NetID username, e.g., jsmith — it's different for employees and for students.

Were you already an employee before becoming a student?

  • Employees use their preexisting employee NetID username and password to log into academic systems such as Banner and Blackboard Learn.

For students who are not also employees:

  • Your nine-digit Downstate student ID number is your NetID username.

Your Password

This was sent to you when you were first admitted (or, for employees, when you started your Downstate job).  You may have changed it since then.  REMEMBER: your same NetID password is used to authenticate your login to many different systems!  If you change it, use the new NetID password for logging into all of these systems.

myDownstate page

This page has links for logging into Banner, email, Blackboard Learn, New Innovations, DegreeWorks. It also has a link to the Get Help FAQ pages. To access it, go to the Downstate campus home page and click on the myDownstate link located at the top. 


I know my username and password but they don't work anymore!

Test your password: If you have been using login information saved in a web browser to autofill your logins, you may not actually remember your current NetID password. When it gets corrupted, has to be changed or when you can't use saved info to log into a new application such as a test, you may not be able to recall the current password. To verify your password, open a different web browser than the one you normally use, navigate to the MyDownstate page and click on Banner or Bb Learn to access the login page. If the password box is filled in by the browser, delete it. Then manually type in your password.

It still doesn't work — I have to reset my password.

If you are already using campus email, you can use Downstate's NetID password reset self-service. Go to the email login page but don't try logging in. Instead, use the "Can't access your account?" link. Fill in your username (your email address), complete the form and submit, then follow the steps on the next pages. Keep in mind that when you change your NetID password, you'll need to remember and use that new password for all of these logins.

If you are a new/incoming student/staff/faculty who hasn't yet logged into their email account, send a password reset request via email to Include your full name, the system that you are trying to use — email, Banner, etc. — your phone number, your college and degree program and when you are matriculating (if applicable).

  • Don't save login info in a browser to automatically fill in login forms — it eventually gets corrupted and is a security risk. Use a password manager instead such as LastPass, Dashlane and 1Password.
  • Don't have multiple tabbed pages open for long periods of time or keep the same browser window open to reuse day after day. Close and reopen your browser daily.
  • Try using a different computer/browser if you are having issues logging in.

Still having trouble? Email a request for assistance to Don't forget to include your name, phone number and the system that you are trying to access.


JMN - last edited 8/24/2020