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About Downstate NetID

Downstate NetID


Your NetID is a unique login which will be used to access computing and networking services on campus, such as wireless networking and logging in to campus computers.

If you don't know your​ NetID, click here.

Why are we switching to NetID?

NetID will simply your online life at Downstate, eliminating the frustration of managing multiple user names and passwords.

In the months to come, look for the NetID logo on compatible systems:
Downstate NetID

When are we switching to NetID?

Downstate NetID is now required to access the SUNY Secure Login.

In the coming months, your NetID will be used to login to more systems at SUNY Downstate.

What do I need to do?

Fortunately, the majority of users in the campus and hospital already have and use a NetID for Wi-Fi access, logging into windows computers and for VPN.

Need further assistance? Fill out an online NetID Assistance Request