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What is my Downstate NetID?

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All members of Downstate Medical Center have a NetID and password.

Fortunately, the majority of users in the campus and hospital already use a NetID for Wi-Fi access, logging into windows computers and for VPN.

Your Username

For students, the NetID is your 9-digit student identification number (SID), e.g., 201742882.

For faculty and staff, it is typically your first initial, followed by the first seven letters of your surname, for example, "Jackie MacDonald" would be jmacdona.

When logging into email, however, use your Downstate email address as your username, e.g.,

Your Password

Your original NetID password is an eight-character randomized mix of numbers and upper- and lower-case letters. 

Note: New students receive their password in an email from Student Admissions prior to their arrival on campus.

If you are unsure of your NetID, click here

Need further assistance? Fill out an online NetID Assistance Request

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