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SUNY Open Access Repository Launch: Submission to SOAR

How does submission work?


Right now the most common ideal model for submission is a user-initiated form like Upstate's.

Downstate has a Google form up and running and could possibly move to RedCap form at a later time.

Another tool in that could make is easier is the DOI tool that I've embedded from - in development 

Librarian receives form results and PDF of document. Information and licenses confirmed by librarian and item is entered into SOAR.


This model has not been too successful as of yet. Requires new knowledge of the part of the submitter.

Librarian initiated

  1. eligible works identified through Google Scholar alerts - determine version, CC license
  2. email sent to researcher soliciting acceptable version of paper to submit to SOAR
  3. Receive paper from researcher and librarian enters item and information into SOAR.

Librarian initiated is going to be under "first steps" with the hope that user-initiated will build up steam as awareness builds for this resource.


Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have:

Gregg Headrick