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SUNY Open Access Repository Launch: Pain points

Education opportunities

There are going to be several areas where education and awareness are going to be potential snags:

  • Authors interpreting eligibiltiy of their work for submission to SOAR
  • What version of your paper is allowed to be submitted? User confusion on terms.
    • Version of record - version on the publisher's site with all publisher branding and logos.
    • Post-print/Accepted version - After all peer-review has occurred. Final version accepted by the publisher for inclusion in journal. No publisher branding/logos.
    • Pre-print/Submitted version - First version submitted to the publisher. Before peer-review has occurred.
  • Creative commons license assigned to submitted works. 
    • Journals can require a specific type of license for works deposited in institutional repositories.
  • Process of submitting - testers not excited about walking through the submission form. Required to have a record of author's permission. Perhaps move to RedCap for submission collection?
  • Potential bottleneck - ME! One person mediates all eligiblity and submissions. Hope we're successful enough to have this issue!
  • Unknown! - Issues will raise their head as we begin the rollout and submission process.

How to ease these pain points?

  • Continue building awareness and continue the conversation to perfect the process.
  • Build enthusiasm for participation in SOAR as creating a collection of the body of research of the institution.
  • Continued development of the libguides on SOAR and Scholarly Publishing in response to issues.
  • Create and offer online short courses on submitting to SOAR and issues around it.

Our Elsevier partnership on the scholarly publication process can be a good jump-off point.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have:

Gregg Headrick