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Panopto: A Quick Start Guide

Learn how to get started with Panopto, our institutional lecture capture system.

Editing and Publishing Your Panopto Session

Step 1. Login to the Panopto web site

Using your browser of choice, go to the Panopto web site at and login with your Blackboard Learn credentials.

NOTE: If you are in the Panopto Client desktop application, clicking Manage Online Recordings will launch the Panopto web site and automatically log you in.


Locate your course's folder using the Browse tab in the sidebar.

Browse button on Panopto web site

Alternatively, the Everything tab is aggregate view of all sessions to which you have viewing or publishing rights — you may quickly locate your session here.

Step 2. Enter Edit mode for your session

Hover the cursor over your session and click the Edit button which appears.

Edit Button

Your session should automatically open in the edit view:

Edit view

Note the various streams located to the bottom-right of the window.

  • P1 is the primary stream, and typically contains the audio and video of the presenter.
  • S1 is the secondary stream, usually containing video of the main presentation.
  • SL is the stream of slide images generated from the PowerPoint of Keynote presentation that was captured.

Step 3. Trim your session

Click your mouse on the P1 stream. The vertical red line that appears is called the playhead.

Place the playhead at the exact starting point of your lecture. Locating the exact starting point may take some trial-and-error. You can view your session by clicking on the triangular play button play button

Once you are satisfied that the playhead is located to your satisfaction, hover the cursor over the beginning of the P1 stream (i.e., timestamp 0:00). A gray handle will appear.


Click and drag the handle to the right until it snaps to the playhead.

Dragging to the playhead

Repeat the process at the other end of your session. 

Trim end

The grayed out areas will not be included in your published session, but will remain available in edit mode should you wish to restore them at a later day.

Note: It is also possible to edit out sections within the body of your session using the above techniques.


Step 4. Apply Closed Captioning

Adding subtitles is an important step to make your session compliant with the American Disabilities Act. It can also make it easier for viewers to search for a specific section of your session.

Click the Captions tab in the left-hand side-menu.

From the Import captions drop-down menu that appears, select Import automatic captions.

Adding captions

Panopto sessions with closed captions applied will appear with a small CC icon beside them.

Step 5. Apply your changes

To apply your edits, click the blue Apply button in the tool bar at the top of the editor window.

You can now safely close the editor window. 

Your session will appear grayed out in your Panopto folder at it is processing.


Step 6. Approve your session

By default, your session will not be available to viewers until it has been approved by a Publisher. If you do not have publisher rights to your Panopto folder, send a request to the Help Desk at

Hover the cursor over your session and click the Settings button which appears.

Settings button

In the settings dialog box that appears, scroll down until you see the Approve button.

Approve button

Click the Approve button and give yourself a pat on the back — you have published your Panopto session!